Refund Policy

Refund Policy
As a number one retailer of digital products, Pexfly relies on this Return and Cancellation Policy to ensure customer satisfaction with every purchase.
When a customer makes contact with us by phone or email, our initial reply is to assist getting technical support or customer service for the customer of the product that the customer purchased.
But, in some cases a product might be unsatisfactory to the customer for reasons completely beyond our control, in which case a return or a cancellation may be processed.


Our return policy for all Pexfly products is as follows: Customers that want a return after expiration of the return period set forth in the applicable Return Policy are going to be required to work directly with the technical support or customer service. If a customer wants a return and the return is noted and considered by Pexfly, the money for the requested transaction is refunded back to the customer, in part or whole. If the return is for a recurring billing product, then the return policy gives you the ability for the most recent payment to be refunded. Multiple payment returns can be given as long as they are within the applicable Return Policy. A return on a recurring billing product will also end up in cancellation. Returns are only been credited back to the account used to make the original purchase. If the original account is been closed, the purchase is not eligible for return. When a product is returned, the customer generally is receiving a full refund. Due to the digital format of Pexfly products, when a product is returned the customer retains the product and, in many cases, the customer has received a benefit from the product prior to the return. In such cases, Pexfly reserves the right to issue a refund for less than the full purchase price.


Pexfly has every incentive to keep the customers satisfied by giving them quality products and service. To promote customer satisfaction, Pexfly reserves the right to reverse a sale, including but not limited to the following: If the customer provides a valid reason for requesting a return within the time frame permitted in the applicable Return Policy; If the customer provides a valid report that the charge was fraudulent or unauthorized; In order to comply with credit card industry rules, ACH industry rules, PayPal terms of service, U.S. law, and requests from verified US judiciary or law enforcement agents; or For any other reason Pexfly deems appropriate.

A customer can cancel a product with a recurring billing subscription any time he/she wants. A cancellation means that no future payments are charged to the customer’s account. The cancellation of a recurring billing product does not generate a refund – it will only stop any future payments. ABUSE OF THE RETURN POLICY Customers requesting serial or repeated returns might be blocked from making additional purchases using the Pexfly services. Customers that violate the terms of use of a product may have their right of return revoked for such product.