Chakra crystals sun-catcher

It is great when every morning you wake up and are enjoyed the colorful lights everywhere in your home. Our Chakra crystals chandelier sun-catcher is beautifully handcrafted using 7 Chakra colored crystals and a multi-faceted crystal ball.
Let’s hang it on your patio or in your window to boost the energy in your room and create positivity. The sun’s rays are absorbed by the Sun – catcher which then projects rainbow of lights onto your walls. It is so perfect, right? Not over yet, the Chakra crystal also has ability to boost human body functions, strength and durability. You will regret missing it! Buy it now!


Selling Price$19.95
Product Cost$6.39
Profit margin$13.56
CPA$2 - $4
NET$9.56 - $11.56
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