Anti-Cut Samurai Gloves

Anyone who is a cook, a carpenter, a gardener, a craftsman, a sculptor or maybe a housework enthusiast, who is constantly repairing or making new things with sharp tools – knows fully well how irritating and painful those accidental cuts and bruises are. They not only hurt you, but they also hamper the work you are doing and make your loved ones anxious. All these are not happening any more if you get this Anti-Cut Samurai Gloves today. Obviously, the gloves are prepared solely to protect you from cuts and would not tear themselves out like the many other gloves that you might have had till now. Get it now and it’ll protect you through your life!


Selling Price21.95
Product Cost3.59
Profit margin16.83
CPA$2 - $4
NET$10.83 - $12.83
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