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All Inclusive

  • Minimum Amount $50
  • Maximum Amount $100.000
  • 45% Monthly
  • 1,5% daily for 365 days
  • Withdrawals Profit daily
  • Deposits at any time
  • Principal Include
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Plan All Inclusive

We buy contingents in Airplanes and Hotels. We sell this with profit to Travel Agencies.

Only Fly

  • Minimum amount $100
  • Maximal amount: $1000
  • 20% after 20 Days
  • 1% daily for 20 days
  • Withdrawals Profit daily
  • Deposits at any time
  • Principal Return after 20 days
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Plan Fly Only

With this plan we buy seats in Airplanes, we sell the seats with profit to Travel Agencies

Travel 360

  • Minimum Amount $1000
  • Maximum Amount $500,000
  • 360% after 90 Days
  • 4% daily for 90 days
  • Withdrawals at expiration
  • Deposits at any time
  • Principal Include
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Plan Travel 360

With this plan, they invest in our company and deserve in everything what we do.

About Us

We aspire to be one of the world’s leading and cheapest travelling agency. This is achieved by bulk purchase so that the cost will be cheaper. It is our vision that several countries own their travel agencies. We will propose a franchising agreement to these travelling agencies with a relatively low commission to be paid to our company and with the condition that all travelling would be processed by us. The target is to commence the franchise system within the year. We are kick starting with England and Germany.

Also, existing travel agencies can also be integrated into our franchise system. Applications for franchising can be forwarded to our support team to get the complete offer with the cost.

Our Business

We deal in the sale travelling packages to all leading travelling companies in the industry. Travelling is an integral part of our lives. Everyone would like to go on vacation at a favourable cost. Everyone would prefer a cost effective travelling. Our team is always looking for cheap flight tickets and cheap but standard hotel accommodation for our clients so we can offer a cost effective travelling package to resell to travelling agencies at a favourable price.


Address: Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St, London Ec2n 1hn, England, EC2N 1HN

Business Hours: 8:00 am-6:30 pm Monday-Saturday